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Special for meter reading projects


  • Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5:- Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system which is familiar to handheld computer users ensuring easy integration and intuitive operation.
  • AM3715 1GHz:- Powerful CPU speed with "High-Tier" guarantees faster graphic process and memory access.
  • 1D, 2D Scanner:- Superior scanner/imager application provides real-time data capture and automatic data processing so that you can expect flexibility of work and cost efficiency.
  • 5.0M Pixels AF Camera:- High resolution and auto focused functionality capture clear images of product and/or documentation.
  • Battery (Li-Polymer 3.7V 3,400mA / 5,100mA):- M3 BLACK battery provides accurate remaining battery capacity so that the user can efficiently plan the usage of the PDA. Also, its large capacity is suitable for long time shifts.
  • Scan button:- Small bumps on the scan buttons of front and side enables users to recognize and scan without a glance which reduces actual amount of time and increases efficiency
  • Slim & Light:- M3 BLACK is a slim and light but rugged PDA with optional RFID reader. It can be used for ticketing and/or asset management wherever the mobile device is needed.
  • Endurance for temperature:- M3 BLACK can be operated within -20 degree to 60 degree and its storage temperature is -30 degree to 80 degree. It will guarantee the normal function at any temperature of working environment.
  • IP 67 Sealing, 2.0m Drop:- M3 BLACK is suitable to use in a tough environment withstands drops from 2.0m and protects against dust and water.
  • User-centred design:- The user-centred design combines with great performance to deliver into the most harsh and hostile work environment's.
  • Solutions:- Terminal Emulation : Wavelink, Softogo, Naurtech Mobile Management : SAP, Wavelink, Soti